Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fighting a silent battle

No, this is not commendable like Ghandi. Instead I am referring to stabs using technology. Computers have killed our communication skills with each other and promoted passive aggressive behavior. In the past two months I have been frustrated, annoyed, hurt, and eventually humored by such trivial things as Instant Messenger away messages and Facebook statuses. Honestly...who would have thought? Whether it be painfully specific messages that I ask myself "why?" or impressively vague messages that my mind spins in the worst possible way, it is all in the shadows. You might not see anything going on face to face, smiles all around - but under the table there are these subtle stabs.

I have not done much better. While I chose not to "stoop to that level" I have successfully avoided confrontation. I excuse my behind the back talking to "getting it off my chest" and "venting" to friends that I trust. While this is necessary for emotional support and my own sanity, I'm not sure I can necessarily call it more mature. Here I am, again, talking about it - no matter how vague - online. One friend brightened my spirits by pointing out how humorous the situation really was. The passive aggressive behavior has pretty much subsided, as talk has passed from person to person, but it still bothers me. I do not even know if any of it was actually targeted at me. It is quite possible that I am just jealous and paranoid.

I am not proud of this.


Anonymous said...

great post, and definitely agree with you. one thing wrong with tech is how much it limits us from having to face each other.


Anonymous said...

I agree, technology has become a false society/community. An IM chat or a wall post is no substitute for human interaction.